A Digital Agency

We try to make as small a carbon footprint as possible; all of our drones use zero emissions, environmentally friendly electric powered motors.  We also are attempting to be a paperless company.  We will do all of our estimating, invoicing, billing etc. via email and electronic delivery systems.  We will work with whatever the customers’ needs are, but we are going to stress this “green” approach.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly looking ahead, this is why we have acquired additional drones of advanced capabilities still in the process of FAA certification.

Problem Solvers

This is our genuine strengths.  We are a company of innovators and creative problem solvers and will find a way to deliver whatever the current state of technology permits.  Maybe more.

Customer Support

You aren’t here to support our business; we are here to support yours.  This is the bleeding edge of technology and we understand that education is going to play a major role in the early stages of the commercial drone industry as a whole.  We are looking forward to spreading the good word about the safety, utility, amazing technology and the “leg up” that our technology can provide for your business.

Our Story

The principals in the company have in excess of 100 combined years in aviation. Military experience, commercial pilot experience, aircraft maintenance and manufacturing experience.  UAS operations and flying are a natural step in the progression of aviation for us all and we are very excited to be in this space.  We also have 30+ combined years of operating radio controlled aircraft.


Chief Pilot

Clay brings to the company a lifelong passion for anything that flies.  From early involvement with learning the difficult skills in operating radio controlled models, later qualification as a licensed pilot and aircraft mechanic to a degree in Aviation Maintenance Management and has been involved with all aspects of aviation.  Throughout a decades-long career encompassing many different areas of technology including aviation, automotive and marine sectors at very high levels he retained his passion for radio controlled airplanes and helicopters and has mastered the skills required in their operation as well as a thorough understanding of the operating systems.

He recognized the massive advances in recent mini-drone development and was among the first to acquire and operate one.  As more advanced models became available and the FAA provided a credible and regulated path to commercial licensing he immediately applied for and was granted a Section 333 exemption, the first in Sonoma County and one of only four in northern California.  He now has his dream job, owning and operating a company doing what he loves best, being at the leading edge of a new industry and having fun at the same time.


Director of Operations

George has had a lifetime of experience in business and aviation.  As a former military and commercial pilot, owner of several businesses, with many thousands of flying hours and decades of experience in commercial real estate he brings a unique skill set to the company.  In addition to being one of the company pilots he will be heavily involved in marketing and organization for the growth sure to come.  Like Clay, he is committed to safety and customer service, and is very excited to be in at the beginning of an industry that will soon sweep the nation.


FAA Subject Matter Expert

Charlie is an aircraft mechanical genius.  He holds an Airframe and Power plant certification (A&P) from the FAA, an avionics repair station license and an Inspection Authorization (IA.)  It doesn’t get any better than that.  He is also heavily into drone technology and has successfully built and programmed his own miniature autopilot.  He is an integral part of our correspondence and licensing with the FAA and really helps us keep everything between the lines.  In his day job he overhauls tactical fighter jets for U.S. military contracts.