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Are drones safe?

Yes, very. The drones that we operate are state of the art, have extremely durable hardware and software and are built and maintained to the highest standards.  Our drones also have state of the art flight instrumentation including autopilots and intelligent control systems that enable them to hold position within 3cm horizontally in winds up to 20mph.  Our drones also have a “failsafe” feature that if the “link” to the controller or pilot is lost or somehow corrupted, the craft will return using its internal guidance system to the exact location which it took off from.  They are also battery powered, so if there is a mishap during a flight, there are no flammable liquids or substances to fuel a fire.  In addition to all of that, the drones that we fly weigh just under 3 pounds, so in the unlikely event of a total failure the risk to anyone on the ground is minimal.

How good are the images that the drones can capture?

Extremely good. All of our drones have 4k capable cameras which are some of the best resolution cameras on the market, they are equal to, or sometimes greater than the resolution of a GoPro style camera.

What are Drone-Aviation’s owners and operators' backgrounds?

The principals in the company have in excess of 100 combined years in aviation. Military experience, commercial pilot experience, aircraft maintenance experience and aircraft manufacturing experience.  UAS operations and flying are a natural step in the progression of aviation for us all and we are very excited to be in this space.  We also have 30+ combined years of operating radio controlled aircraft.

Why use drones for your business?

A different perspective, that’s it. When selling a house, filming a wedding or monitoring a construction site, having a “higher perspective” provides you with an additional set of images that will definitely set you apart from the competition.  You can have images that show the surrounding area, not just from ground level, but a dynamic set of images that will provide the customer with an unprecedented overall view of the location.

Aren’t your services expensive?

The value per hour achieved by use of a drone compared to a manned airplane or helicopter is orders of magnitude more affordable.  Plus, we have capabilities that can be accomplished in no other way.

How long can they fly for and how much area can they cover?

The flight duration in normal wind conditions (5-8 mph) is just a little over 20 minutes. We carry a minimum of three extra batteries, so our on-site filming time is well over an hour, plus we have on-site charging capability to keep us airborne as the mission profile dictates.

What are your operating restrictions?

We are limited at present by FAA guidelines to daylight flights in reasonably good weather.  This means roughly 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset, when it’s not raining or foggy.  We are also limited to a maximum altitude of 400 feet above grount level and the drone must not travel beyond visible range of the pilot.

Why do you need a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to fly?

Because each and every flight that we take has to have a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) filed with the local FAA to make aware to any manned pilots in the area that we will be flying an unmanned aerial vehicle within a given area for a given amount of time. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.  This is our profession, we follow the guidelines to the letter.


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