Plans and Pricing

Rates shown are based on one-time jobs under normal conditions and may fluctuate up or down with increased volume or unusual circumstances.

UAS Service

  • Professional UAV service including:
  • —-Certified and approved UAV pilot
  • —-Aircraft, and ground station equipment and observer.
  • Options for:
  • —-“Phantom 3 Professional” multi-rotor
  • —-720, 1080, or ultra-high 4K video
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Sports / Marine

  • Marine/Yacht Air Photos
  • Motorsports Racing Photos
  • Extreme Sports/Video – Quoted
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Custom Flights

  • Nearly anything goes
  • As long as we are all able to get whatever permits, insurances and permissions from all involved, we are in.
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Additional crew…….$65/hr (additional ground crew personnel, UAV pilot or spotter as required)

Minimum charge………3 hrs (total time per service call including travel time. To the nearest .25 hour thereafter)

UAS Integration and training consultation……Inquire for Quote

Post Editing (PS, image enhancement, cropping, photo control, etc) —- $99/Hour – Min 2 hrs

A 50% deposit is required to book a time slot.

All rates include insurance and liability coverage for workers. Rates and charges are negotiable based on the scale of job, demographics and hours required on a case by case basis.

Travel time charges can apply on non-local call outs

Free estimates for UAS services within Greater San Francisco Bay area are offered on case by case basis.

1 million liability insurance policy included on all UAV/drone flights. (Copy of certificate upon request)

Note: If weather is an issue, we will reschedule to another time.

For more information on rates or UAV services, please contact Clayton Inskeep at 808 232 5726 or email at

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