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Insurance Claim Imaging – FEMA Certified

I would unfortunately like to offer our services again as post storm/natural disaster airborne video and photographic service for insurance adjustment/documentation purposes.

We are FEMA certified and trained and have the necessary training and equipment to geo-locate properties and deliver photographic representations of the area, like a google map, but with much, much higher resolution including 3d modeling.

We are finalizing a deal right now with State Farm to be a partner of theirs for this service. We are licensed in the “no-fly zone” surrounding Santa Rosa airport (a 5.5 mile radius from the airport) which covers most of North Santa Rosa, past Windsor and from Forestville to Marks west springs road out near the red barn.

We hate to have to do this service, but, we are here if needed.

Please contact us if you need documentation for insurance.
Drone-Aviation, 808-232-5726 or

UAS Service

Basic work orders, consisting of a “run-of-the-mill” sort of imagery.  Few if any permissions need to be granted, no special FAA permission need to be sought and no hazards to safe flight exist. i.e.  power lines, large, closely grouped trees, gatherings of people around etc.  This is what most flights consist of, a basic photo/video flight under near ideal circumstances without any environmental issues.  We don’t want to endanger the general public or put our equipment at risk, so we definitely err on the side of caution.

Real Estate –  Ranch Specialists

Set yourselves above the rest….WAY above the rest.  The videos taken from our drones are breathtaking; they offer a perspective of houses that until very recently was nearly impossible.  We can take one single video that exits the front door, gains altitude and films the house from above, does a 360 degree panning shot around the property, then returns to the open front door and fly’s inside to finish the shot……yes, these can be flown inside.  Does your listing have vaulted ceilings?  Our drones can take that impossible shot INSIDE the house.  This capability is something that will SELL HOUSES.  Our equipment also has the ability to transmit live HD video from the drone to anywhere in the world instantly so any potential customer can see in real time what the property looks like.  He wants to see how far the road is away?  We fly the drone to illustrate this to the client., our software also integrates with Google Earth to provide an added layer of data to the client.

Extreme Sports/Marine/Racing

We can work with the customer to see what their “vision is” and add our own thoughts and expertise to get the “ultimate shot” of the customer “barreling” @ “Maverick’s” or “Steamer’s Lane,” or catching the perfect amount of air in the back-country.  We can do promotional videos for sponsors or for your personal portfolio in hopes of getting a sponsor.  We are all intimately familiar with nearly every aspect of motorsports racing. We can work with all of the sanctioning bodies to come up with an approved solution for the safest and best footage that we can produce.

Custom Flights

Let your conscience and your wallet be your guide.  This is the anything goes (nearly) section.  As long as we are all able to get whatever permits, insurances and permissions from all involved, we are in.  The more challenging, the better.  We will travel anywhere on earth within your budget, with you or for you.  We are in it to win it.

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